\n@@opacity: 0.5;ACT I:@@\n@@font-size: 60%;opacity: 0.5;"an absent attempt to quell"@@\n\n<<timedgoto "torture" 3.5s>>
"Yeah she was fun to share a lunch a with before but now, pardon my french, she's a bitch."\n\n[[Oh that seem pretty harsh.|harsh]]\n[[Something like that.|agree]]
String.prototype.unDash = function()\n{\n var s = this.split("-");\n if(s.length > 1)\n for(var t=1; t < s.length; t++)\n s[t] = s[t].substr(0,1).toUpperCase() + s[t].substr(1);\n return s.join("");\n};\n
\n\nWell maybe that's not fair.\nEverybody has routines and often when they complain about\nother people doing the same stuff all the time.\nThose people are just mad that they're not doing the stuff THEY usually do.\n\nRoutine was an enemy in your role as a serial killer.\n\nMaybe the situation can be summed up by\nsimply realizing that no night is TV dinner night.\n\n[[...|d9]]
\nYou have killed since you met Alex.\n\nIt felt nice and horrific that the old urge still remain\ndormant inside you, biding its time for the right "guest" to walk by.\n\nIt came again.\nThe first time you were afraid that the attraction shouldn't\ncontain the urge and instead result in you being attracted to another person and, maybe, end up having an affair like in some kind of stereotypical novel.\n\nBut it was still there.\nTo kill again after a short hiatus was wonderful.\nIt was as if you've never killed before...\n\nOnce or twice in your life you’ve met that ”guest”.\nThat special ”guest” that truly fuels your urge beyond any other.\n\nMaybe that’s what you need now in all this routine? [[A good solid (violent) kill.|k1]]
\n[img[https://corruptreality.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/t1.png]]\n\n<<timedinsert 2s>>[[click for happiness|d62]]<<endtimedinsert>>
\nAt the same time.\nSome routine has been established:\n\n@@font-weight:bold;Monday@@ is experimental wok night.\n@@font-weight:bold;Tuesday@@ is creamy pasta night.\n@@font-weight:bold;Wednesday@@ is across the border night (Canada NOT Mexico).\n@@font-weight:bold;Thursday@@ is leftovers.\n@@font-weight:bold;Friday@@ is surprise night (you take turns).\n@@font-weight:bold;Saturday@@ is shellfish fiesta.\n@@font-weight:bold;Sunday@@ is slurping soup sunday.\n\n\n<<timedinsert 10s>>Love is one thing...\nBut the previous lack of routine has made you realize how much you [[loathe it|d8]]...<<endtimedinsert>>
\n\nYou've never been tortured before.\nUntil now.\nTo endure an ear being cut off.\nTo sustain the pain you feel as fire boils your eye ball until it pops.\nTo suffer as someone pulls the nails from your fingers with some pliers.\n\nThat is one thing.\n\nBut to wait by the phone.\n\nThat's something completely different...\n\n\n[[but then a ring is heard...|act4]]\n
\n\nOne date became another, and then another and then ten more.\n\nTen dates became a relationship.\n\nThat relationship is now manifesting itself via moving boxes in this...new apartment.\n\nIt went fast. Just a few months.\nAlex wanted to get some kind of approval from some relative called Drew and maybe a friend or two. You became angry for suggesting something like that (but of course you didn't say anything).\n\nYou have no family to grade your partner.\nWhy should someone else judge you as an old time slave owner?\n\n[[what is happiness by the way?|d6]]
\nOne might think that this is your first date.\nAs you're kind of a serial killer recluse.\nBut one would be wrong.\n\nIn your younger days you sought normality and gave it a shot.\nIt resulted in two dates and a feeble version of the very first intercourse.\n\nAnd also a loss in hope of ever finding that place where normality rules\nand you don't thrive on pouring acid people’s faces.\n\nSince then you've been a loner.\nSomeone that's on the inside looking in.\nLike a monkey at a zoo.\n(but are you the monkey looking out, or a person looking in?)\n\n[[wine! entrees! bread!|d3]]\n
\nYou both nibble on a piece of somewhat stale bread\nduring the solo reading of the menu.\n\nThey don't have that many courses so this is just\nyou two using the menus as shields before the date commences.\n\nBut as long as both do it. What's the harm?\n\nDuring other dates you've had this fantasy.\nA fantasy not based on torture and pain.\nBut rather on truth.\nYou talk and chat and speak and discuss.\nBut you have to lie...to some extent.\n\nIn your head you re-play the dialogue and adapt\nit to an accepting and truthful reality where you can be you...\n\n[[menus down|date]]\n
\nAs you've longed for friday to come.\nAnd now you're scared.\nYou!?\nA serial killer that without any problem tortures people and take their lives...\n\nBut emotions...\nThat's something to long for but hopefully never have to deal with.\n\nAlex looks even better than when you first met.\n\nThe restaurant is half-full which is nice.\n(you never understood the charm of crowds, like hanging around in bars).\n\n[[you sit down|d2]]\n
\n\n\n\n\n>>>>>@@font-family:PressStart2P;font-size:150%;<<timedinsert 1s>>I<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 1.2s>>'<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 1.4s>>m<<endtimedinsert>> <<timedinsert 1.6s>>s<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 1.8s>>o<<endtimedinsert>> <<timedinsert 2s>>s<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 2.2s>>o<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 2.4s>>r<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 2.6s>>r<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 2.8s>>y<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 3s>>.<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 3.2s>>.<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 3.4s>>.<<endtimedinsert>>@@\n\n<<timedgoto "eself3" 5s>>
\nAs you tried to turn around "It" gently placed its paw (or claw or hand) on your back and pressed you firmly, but not hurtful, to the ground.\n\nYou shat your pants.\n\nAt first you thought it was a bear or some other large animal. But no.\n\n"It" let you go and walked away, but stopped at the fringe of the forest, looking at you from behind some shrubbery as if to say "here but no further". You understood and dared (after a few weeks) to again venture into the woods.\n\nThis time you saw "It" behind the same shrubbery, but "It" let you be.\n\n"It" smelled horrible.\n\nThe car suddenly feels different as you go from gravel to asphalt which means that you’re closer to home.\n\n[[...|j16]]
@@opacity: 0.1;the urge@@\n\n<<timedgoto "title2" 0.1s>>
[img[https://corruptreality.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/woods1.gif]]\n\n<<timedinsert 3s>>[[It just stands there...waiting|f22]]<<endtimedinsert>>
<<timedinsert 0.5s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"(nervous laugh) Yeah maybe it's kinda scarce when it comes to entertainment"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 3s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"No I think it sounds all right. So when are you free for dinner? Or is your bowling ball in the repair shop?"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 5.5s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"What? Oh. No I'm free like all the time...@@<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 7s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;no I mean not like ALL the time, I do plenty of fun stuff like..."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 10s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"Relax...you're doing OK"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 13s>>(exhale, inhale and smile)<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 16s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Thanks..."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 17.5s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"So, see you at 8 on friday at this restaurant of yours?@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 21s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Uh yeah. It's called La Viande"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 25s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"Great...see you there!@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 28s>>[[bye|job14]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n
<<timedinsert 1.5s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"Hmm...(a soft smile) I'm Alex"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 2.5s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Oh hi, I'm..."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 3s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"Oh no need! I see your name right there...(points at name tag)"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 4.5s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Yeah that's right I work here..."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 6.5s>>(both giggle like idiots)<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 8s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"So what do you do for fun in this part of town?"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 11s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Not much@@ (killing people, but that's something maybe just you enjoy?)@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;...there are some decent restaurants and a bowling alley."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 14s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"Really? Seems quite adventurous. Nah I'm just messing with you"@@ (laughs)<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 17s>>[[(you can mess with me, no worries)|job13]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n
<<timedinsert 1s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Here you go..."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 2.5s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"Aww thanks!"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 4s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Soo...@@<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 5.5s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;shop much?"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 6.5s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"Uhh...@@<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 7s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;not really"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 8s>>(idiot!)<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 10s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"I've never seen you here before"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 12s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"No I'm kinda new to the neighborhood"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 13s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Ok, great. Welcome then. From one local to another!"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 15s>>[[(idiot again!)|job12]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n
\nSo against all kinds of better judgement, you start to follow\nthis person inside the Walmart.\n\nBut you don't feel worried.\nFor once you have no intentions of killing this person.\n\nThis is a feeling you've longed for.\nBut now as you feel it.\nIt's frighting and more or less true horror.\n\n<<timedinsert 8s>>Cause think if the person doesn’t like you back?!?!?<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 12s>>[[At the check out counter the person drops something|job11]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n
\n\nA text message commanding you to return Alex's calls.\n\n[[Should you leave for the container by yourself?|eself1]]\n\n[[Or should you invite Alex with you?|ealex1]]\n\nAt this state you're not sure if you are up to this.\nBut you do know that tonight.\nSomebody has to die...\n
CHOOSE\n\n<<timedgoto "w1" 0.5s>>
\nThat was probably the longest conversation you've\nhad with another human being for a very long time.\n\nThe majority of the talks you engage in are pretty\none-sided as the other person is gagged.\n\nBut you must admit that you are both socially capable and\nquite chatty during those short conversations.\n\nThis was also the best conversation for a very long time...\n\n\nThe feelings and urges that brew inside you seem to have //paused//.\n(you dare not think of them as lost, and frankly you're not sure that you'd want to).\n\nInstead you miss Alex.\n\n[[But it's only been like 2 minutes since your last talk. Can't it be friday NOW!|act3]]\n
the urge
\n\nThe east wall's only value is the door.\nThe container’s only exit.\nIt’s heavy, but you’ve learned the technique.\n\n[[ok|me]]\n\n<<set $east = true>>
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Friday the 1st@@\nEverybody gets a job in here.\nAs do I and I'm now a sanitation specialist with focus on fecal matter. That, oh you wonderful diary, is my way of saying that I clean the fucking toilets.\nNormally I’d go through enough bodily fluids to last me a lifetime each day but then, the very next day I get a refill!\n\nI'm used to cleaning (I used to <<cyclinglink "kill" "cry">> on the outside you see) blood and other fun stuff. But this is just...just shit!\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd9]]@@
<<timedgoto "epi" 3s>>
@@font-family:courier new;font-size:70%;//torture method #43//:@@\n\n\n@@font-family:Arial;font-size:250%;font-weight:bold;"The Fax"@@\n\n@@font-family:courier;font-size:85%;\n\nThis is a classic from the 80s that's great to use on younger people without any form of none-digital communication experience.\n\n1) Provide the "guest" with a fax and a manual written in every language but English.\n2) Force the guest to learn how to operate the fax.\n3) Make the guest fax someone something somewhere.@@\n\n\n\n[[done|w2]]\n\n<<set $weapon += 1>>\n<<set $fax = true>>
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Monday the 29th@@\n\nF U C K pottery!!\n\nAnd fuck everybody in pottery class and fuck all the clay in the world!\n\nHow the fucking hell should anyone manage to keep that vase standing up?!\n\nI don't know what the hell got in me?! Never again!\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd29]]@@
\nYou hang up the phone.\nThese little prank calls are fun.\nYou think of how you did it as a child.\n\nYou look at the table in front of you\nThe person laying there - your ”guest” - is sedated, slowly twitching as the muscles\nreally can't shake the reflexes.\n\nPrimal reflexes that are too weak to swift the "guest" away on a white steed.\nInstead your guest is blissfully frolicking away in dreamland.\n\nYou [[look|look]] at your guest.
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Sunday the 9th@@\n\nI've come to the conclusion that <<cyclinglink "prison" "life">> is hell.\nNobody will change that.\nNo class will make it feel better.\nPrison is just what it is.\n\nDiary...\n\nI got plenty years left. But I'm abandoning you.\nI'll spare you from my thoughts and ideas and my agony and misery and my hope and tears.\n\n[[thanks for this...|act5p]]
@@font-family:courier new;font-size:70%;//torture method #99//:@@\n\n\n@@font-family:Arial;font-size:250%;font-weight:bold;"The Granny Smith"@@\n\n@@font-family:courier;font-size:85%;\n\nOld people seem to think they've done the ultimate trip a long time ago to a mediocre location. And theses vacation photographs are still so very much fun to look at apparently.\n\n1) To add extra torture to ”The Granny Smith” the granny has gotten her hands one of those old projects with slides.\n2) The "guest" has to sit through a horrible and long guide through granny's trip to Ohio in 1982.\n3) Not one slide is turned the right way.@@\n\n\n[[done|w2]]\n<<set $weapon += 1>>\n<<set $granny = true>>
\n\nOne wall is always particularly intriguing!\nA psychos funhouse. Your funhouse!\nNo limitations.\nOnly imagination.\n\n[[Walk up|w1]] to the west wall..\n\n<<set $weapon = 1>>
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Friday the 20th@@\n\nI couldn't really restrain myself as I've felt <<cyclinglink "love" "the urge">> grow inside me when I spend time with Sam.\n\nIn many ways I'm glad for these feelings. I'm glad for the confusion it creates in my mind and I haven't really sighed once as I do my daily crap removal.\n\nBut what now? Where will this head?\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd25]]@@
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Sunday the 10th@@\n\nOh fucking hell. Now I've done it!\nI <<cyclinglink "KISSED" "KILLED">> SAM IN THE SHOWER!!\n\nI told you diary. I couldn't restrain myself and it got really weird in the shower as some people were still in there. It was like people didn’t want to be there, but at the same they didn’t be noticed so they stayed.\n\nNow I'm afraid I'm alone again...\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd26]]@@
"So then I guess it just grew some legs and walked straight out of the fridge and into the trash can?"\n\n[[Maybe the cleaner threw it out as it had expired?|expired]]
\n@@opacity: 0.5;PROLOGUE:@@\n@@font-size: 60%;opacity: 0.5;"a chat about that horrible Annette"@@\n\n<<timedgoto "anne" 5s>>
\nYou've never eaten human flesh...\n<<timedinsert 4s>>\n\nOk it was this one time!\n\nWhen you were new to this.\nA newly graduate serial killer.\nIt feels like most serial killers go through that phase where you experiment a bit.\n\nMaybe instead of a homosexual experience you ate some meat of a plumber...\n\nBut you spat it out. Most of it.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n\n<<timedinsert 6s>>\n[[gross!|h5]]\n<<endtimedinsert>>
[img[https://corruptreality.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/leno2.gif]]\n\n<<timedgoto "h4-2" 6s>>
\nYou've made your mistakes though.\nPeople borrow cars and you still have nightmares\nabout that time you snuck into a house but realized\nthat someone just borrowed mom's car.\n\nThat old lady really could scream.\n\nSo nowadays you're careful...\n\n[[You take out a pack of smokes|job8]]\n
You start to observe the person you just saw.\nAt this moment the attraction transforms into //the urge//.\n\nSomething without control or means to control it.\n\nYou keep doing what you're paid to do, stocking tampons.\nBut with one eye at your new soon-to-be ”guest”.\n\nIt's crucial to get some information about the person.\nYou can't just follow people around like a lunatic (that would be craaaazyyyy).\n\nYou took up smoking just so you could take cigarette breaks\nand try to catch a glimpse of someone's license plate...\n\nIt's not that easy to get information about address via license plate numbers, but there are ways. Best is to spot someone you actually CAN follow. Like in a crowd or in traffic...\n\n[[(one of the most interesting ”guests” you've had was someone you spotted in a traffic jam in another car and just followed it)|job7]]\n
\nYou see someone.\nA feeling is born. An attraction.\nBut it's dark and unwanted.\nBut at the same time a part of life.\n\nHow would you live your life without it?\n\nIt's the only certain thing you have, and have been for quite some time now...\n\nUp to this date you've never just felt pure attraction without all the other "issues".\n\n[[Maybe one day|job6]]\n
\n\nIt starts as for most...\n\n<<timedinsert 1s>>\nVery beautiful.<<timedinsert 7.7s>>@@font-size:120%;color:darkred; MAIM!@@<<endtimedinsert>> Cute nose.<<timedinsert 5s>>@@font-size:120%;color:darkred; I WANNA CUT IT OFF!@@<<endtimedinsert>> Nice body.<<timedinsert 6s>>@@font-size:120%;color:darkred; BURN THE FACE!@@<<endtimedinsert>> Dresses nice.<<timedinsert 9.5s>>@@font-size:200%;color:darkred; HELP@@<<endtimedinsert>> Seems smart.<<timedinsert 7s>>@@font-size:120%;color:darkred; DISMEMBER!@@<<endtimedinsert>> Single or not? <<timedinsert 7.9s>>@@font-size:120%;color:darkred;SEVER!@@<<endtimedinsert>> Glasses are kinda hot. <<timedinsert 7.5s>>@@font-size:120%;color:darkred;GOUGE THE EYES!@@<<endtimedinsert>> Kids or not? <<timedinsert 8.1s>>@@font-size:120%;color:darkred;MUTILATE!@@<<endtimedinsert>> What's in the shopping cart?\nShould I say "Hi"?<<timedinsert 8.3s>>@@font-size:120%;color:darkred; SHOULD I KILL?@@<<endtimedinsert>><<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 12s>>[[But you can't help it...|job5]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n
\n"Seclusion is delusion".\nYou're proud of that little phrase.\nAnd it's true.\n\nYour container could be found by someone, but purely by accident.\nNo one would find it otherwise as it used to belong to the some hunters or the army or maybe just a weird cult and they were real careful about its location.\n\nYou've added to the secrecy already shrouded amongst these trees.\n\nYou stumbled across it by accident as you dumped the head of a teacher many years ago and felt a cooling ease setting in as you you realized that you finally could leave your cellar.\n\nInstead you've turned your cellar into a perfect fusion of home spa and entertainment area.\n\n[[(maybe some jacuzzi time later?)|j8-1]]
\nYou always (even if it not needed) take a deep breath as you see your Volvo shimmer in the moonlight. "It" lets you pass this time too. Your ”guest” never makes it out alive, but ”It” is maybe a better host?\n\nYou sit down in the car and are about to turn the ignition. But stop!\n\nYou always do this.\nThe whole hike to the car, you're calm.\nBut well in the car you get all jumpy. But not about ”It”.\n\nYou get out, walk around the car and scout the surrounding area.\n\nBut blue lights or sirens never light up the pines and redwoods.\nNo agents in dark shades (why shades during the night?) rush out from the trees with their guns raised.\n\n[[...|j10]]
\nYou work.\nOn the floor.\nAt a Walmart.\nYou unpack new stuff rolling in daily.\n\nYou try to avoid talking to people, or at least customers.\n\nIt would look suspicious if you didn't talk to your co-workers.\nSo you say ”hi” and ask about what people did this weekend.\nYou answer them back. Now and then you eat lunch together.\nBut friends is a luxury you can’t afford...unfortunately.\n\nMaybe it’s not a dream job, but you need to blend in.\nAnd to disappear into the crowd.\n\nWalmart provides this...[[anonymity|job2]]
\n\nThe clothes you used are burned.\nThe cleaning supplies are burned.\nThe plastic is also burned.\nThe only thing cleaned and kept are your tools.\n\nExtracting the used tools from the dead body before chopping it into smaller pieces is a must.\n\n[[The last object to wash is you|j5]]
\nOutside you've installed a small hose.\nIt acts as makeshift shower and contains just a few gallons of water.\nEnough to make you clean.\n\nThe moss on the ground acts as nature's sponge, cleaning up your sweat, blood and DNA.\n\nYou always make sure to set a little fire after you've showered.\nJust to be sure...or as sure as you can be.\n\n<<timedinsert 10s>>But then you stop. Suddenly. "It" is near. "It" never hurts you but it roams these woods.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 13s>>You have a kind of agreement with "It". And even though "It" doesn't really speak your or any type of language you feel that you're on terms where the boundaries are drawn.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 17s>>[[Time to head home|j6]]<<endtimedinsert>>
\nBackpacks comes in all shapes and sizes and you've invested in a real big one.\n\nA human body, chopped into pieces, can actually fit in there.\nIt's extremely heavy and the hike to the dump site is long.\n\nBut if you'd ran into someone it won't look suspicious.\nYou're in the woods. Maybe you've just been out camping?\nPicking some mushrooms or berries.\nMaybe hunting?\n\nGetting the body out to the container is, surprisingly, much easier.\nJust act a bit drunk, carry the body as if your guest has passed out.\nNobody would start questioning you in the middle of the night in the middle of the woods. \n\nAnd if they did...you or ”It” would...resolve any differences that may arise.\n\n[[But so far, you've never met anyone willing to enter these woods...|j7]]
\nYou do understand what will happen to you if they caught you.\n\n"They".\n\nIt's an interesting concept, often used in movies and books.\nBut "they" do exist.\n\nYou've come to understand that all people have their own "they".\nIt can be the police, parents, bullies, co-workers or partner.\n\nYou've gone through a lot of "they" in your life.\nBut now you must say that you have a group of ”they” consisting of police, FBI, CIA and other fun acronyms that understands nothing as they maybe (MAYBE!) find a leg or hand now and then.\n\nBut your existence is a mystery to them.\n\n[[Almost at the dump site...|j8]]
"So If she's so rich now, how come she still steals other people's donuts from the office fridge?"\n\n[[She does?!|stealing]]\n[[Isn't it a mistake?|mistake]]
\nSo it's over now.\nYour guest is no more and one of the most boring moments\nin your life will once again take place.\nThe clean-up.\nYour container out in the woods is more or less safe from curious eyes.\nBut you can't really leave it in this condition.\n\nSomeone might find it.\nBut mostly as you still remember the pungent, stale\nsmell as you were lazy and left blood and intestines\nto marinate the whole thing as the sun raised the temperature.\n\n[[never again...|j2]]
\nYou don't keep your own home this neat.\nScrubbing away filth, blood, bile, guts, nails, hair and tears.\n\nThe soundproof container holds your poor, badly sung version of\n"You can call me Al" within its bowels.\n\n<<timedinsert 8s>>//(one might crack a joke about hearing you sing is the real torture. but of course that's not true)//<<endtimedinsert>>\n\nThe energy you put into is a must.\nAlso, maybe unwillingly, a part of the ritual.\nYou're not that keen on cleaning it for yourself or a hypothetical police officer or someone just picking berries in the woods, but rather for the next guest that’ll visit.\n\nThe next guest must feel welcome and you even, sometime, sit on the table to warm it up a bit as it can get horribly cold during the winter.\n\n[[...|j3]]
@@font-family:lekton;<<timedinsert 1s>>"No I'm not.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 3s>>I've already done my deed.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 5s>>Several bodies have been dismembered...<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 7s>>by <<timedinsert 0.2s>>m<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 0.3s>>e<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 0.4s>>e<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 0.5s>>e<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 0.6s>>e<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 0.7s>>e<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 0.8s>>e<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 0.9s>>e<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 1s>>e<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 1.1s>>e"<<endtimedinsert>><<endtimedinsert>>@@\n\n\n<<timedinsert 12s>>[[*click*|transfer]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n
@@font-family:courier new;font-size:70%;//torture method #43//:@@\n\n\n@@font-family:Arial;font-size:250%;font-weight:bold;"The Switcheroo"@@\n\n@@font-family:courier;font-size:85%;\n\nThis is a classic but with a innovative add-on if one feels like it. (And also a possible twist if you have sharp enough pliers and duct tape left from "The Popper").\n\n1) Use to pliers to pull out the finger and toe nails.\n2) Shove the finger nails back into the toes and vice versa.\n3) If possible you can also cut off fingers/toes and switch places using the duct tape to fixate them.@@\n\n\n\n[[done|w1]]\n\n<<set $weapon += 1>>\n<<set $pliers = true>>
[img[https://corruptreality.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/granny1.png]]\n<<if $granny>>"The Granny Smith"<<else>>[["The Granny Smith"|wgranny]]<<endif>>\n\n[img[https://corruptreality.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/parents4.png]]\n<<if $ae>>"The Adam & Eve"<<else>>[["The Adam & Eve"|wae]]<<endif>>\n\n[img[https://corruptreality.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/fax1.png]]\n<<if $fax>>"The Fax"<<else>>[["The Fax"|wfax]]<<endif>>\n\n\n//[[standard torture methods|w1]]//\n\n<<if $weapon eq 4>><<timedgoto "deadguest" 0s>><<endif>>
[img[https://corruptreality.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/hammer.png]]\n<<if $hammer>>"The Whack-a-Jaw"<<else>>[["The Whack-a-Jaw"|whammer]]<<endif>>\n\n[img[https://corruptreality.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/lighter.png]]\n<<if $popper>>"The Popper"<<else>>[["The Popper"|wpopper]]<<endif>>\n\n[img[https://corruptreality.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/pliers.png]]\n<<if $pliers>>"The Switcheroo"<<else>>[["The Switcheroo"|wpliers]]<<endif>>\n\n\n//[[alternative torture methods|w2]]//\n\n<<if $weapon eq 4>><<timedgoto "deadguest" 0s>><<endif>>
"Yeah she steals more or less everything from the fridge I'd guess.\nRemember when you didn't find your yogurt?"\n\n[[That was her?|yog]]\n[[No it couldn't been?|noyog]]
"No I haven't talked to Lars. You know he doesn't like someone stirring up the workplace.\n\nAnd I understand that gentle man. Our jobs matter, and we matter, as Lars says:\n\n//In this job: what matters is the matter at hand.//\n\nSo I just want everyone to do a good job."\n\n[[(What the darn does that mean?) True words of wisdom.|wisdom]]
\n\nAlex stands there.\nAt the parking lot.\n\nAlex looks both mad and scared at the same time.\nSome animals can, in some way, feel that an earthquake\nor lightning storm is on its way.\n\nMaybe Alex is like that animal right now.\n\nAlex gets in and you [[drive off...|ealex4]].\n\nDuring the drive your head races as you suddenly see a way out of this where "It" (whatever "It" may be) can be of assistance, and you might not have to slay Alex by your own hand.\n\n
\n\n\n\n\n>>>@@font-family:PressStart2P;font-size:150%;<<timedinsert 1s>>M<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 1.2s>>e<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 1.4s>>e<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 1.6s>>t<<endtimedinsert>> <<timedinsert 1.8s>>m<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 2s>>e<<endtimedinsert>> <<timedinsert 2.2s>>a<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 2.4s>>f<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 2.6s>>t<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 2.8s>>e<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 3s>>r<<endtimedinsert>> <<timedinsert 3.2s>>w<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 3.4s>>o<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 3.6s>>r<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 3.8s>>k<<endtimedinsert>><<timedinsert 4s>>.<<endtimedinsert>>@@\n\n<<timedgoto "ealex3" 7s>>
The rest of the ride Alex is just quite.\nMaybe scared of what might come.\nMaybe scared to ask the right questions.\n\nAs you park (and you had to shut of the book on tape just where it was getting interesting) Alex still doesn't talk.\n\nYou wave your hand. Signaling Alex to follow.\n\nAlex never liked the outdoors.\nAnd the sighs of getting a branch in the face, at this moment, are surprisingly honest.\nEven as Alex might be scared beyond anything before, nature is still horrible. And yes nature contains something truly horrible.\n\nAnd then, like a child:\n\n<<timedinsert 14s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"Are we there yet?"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 16s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Yes actually. We are."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 19s>>[[the container is just in front of you|ealex6]]<<endtimedinsert>>
\n\n<<timedinsert 2s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"So where are we going?"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 4s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"I'll try to answer your questions but we have to get there first."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 7s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"Get where? Can't you just tell me or talk to me? I'm kinda worried you know. I don't want to think the worst. Did you and Drew have an affair? Is that it? Or is it something...else? Where’s Drew!!"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 13s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"No nothing like that. Let's listen to //American Psycho// on tape."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 16s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"ok?"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 18s>>[[...|ealex5]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Thursday the 21st@@\nAs I passed some fellow inmates I almost asked if they had any plans for the weekend. I used to do that at my old job. Almost like a reflex. Old habits die hard I guess.\nI haven't killed anyone for almost 6 months. But the urge is dormant. Everybody in here is a potential <<cyclinglink "victim" "lover">> but I guess my brain has to adjust to being incarcerated.\n\nPicked up a rock today during cleaning and found out it was just a piece of poo. Yay, surprises are fun!\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd10]]@@
If you're not used to the smell of blood you can't really place it.\n\nAlex shivers as the smell fills both of your noses.\n\n<<timedinsert 5s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Would you mind staying outside? I’m gonna show you something"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 7s>>(Alex takes a step outside the container as you stay just where you are)<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 9s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"Where are we?! What are you?! Where's Drew!?! What is it you wanna show me?!"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 12s>>(you close the door, locking you in and Alex out)<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 15s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;(you scream)"Where we are isn't that important. I haven’t managed to figure out what ”It” is really. I know who I am. I'm a serial killer..."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 18s>>(Alex reacts to this by screaming from outside the container)<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 20s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"What?! Let me IN! What the fuck are you talking about?!?!"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 24s>>(then suddenly Alex gets quiet, as if spooked by something, and then a scream and then...[[nothing more|end2]])<<endtimedinsert>>
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Monday the 24th@@\nTick tock, tick tock goes the fucking clock!\nYay! It's been a <<cyclinglink "month" "lifetime">> in this hell hole.\n\n"Hole" is actually a good description.\nA black hole that consumes all that enters.\n\nBut, dear diary, I've decided not to be consumed.\n28 years isn't that long. If I manage to keep the urge at bay\nI might get out even sooner.\n\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd8]]@@
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Tuesday the 11th@@\n\nEverything is horrible in here!\nThe food, the furniture, the other inmates and I have to take a dump in public!!\n\n<<cyclinglink "Prison" "Life">> isn't at all as in the movies. It's worse.\n\n\nAnd time is so fucking slow it drives me insane!\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd7]]@@
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Friday the 14th@@\nSo I'm in <<cyclinglink "prison" "hell">> now. It's fun to see how stuff pan out I guess. Nothing odd about them pinning the decapitated head on me really. Very few times it turns out that old ladies kill people between the sewing circles. The scrawny teenager and driving instructor had alibis and I didn't. Crap.\n\nSo, dear diary. To keep me somewhat sane I’ve decided to write in you now and then.\nAfter all I got (FUCKING!) 28 years!!!!!\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd6]]@@
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Friday the 14th@@\n\n<<timedgoto "pd5" 2s>>
\n@@font-weight:bold;DAY 34 of WORRIES:@@\n\n<<timedinsert 2s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"I found this. I was just looking for some money as I was going to the laundromat but I found these pain killers in your pocket."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 6s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Oh is it laundry day already? Feels like I washed just one day ago."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 9s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"These pain killers are prescribed to Drew. It says here: Drew Atkins, for migraine."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 12s>>(fuck!! were those prescribed?!?!)@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Oh I had such a bad headache the other day and I found those. Drew probably forgot them here during that dinner."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 15s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"But the pills was prescribed after our dinner..."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 17s>>[[(this can't go on)|e6]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n
<<timedgoto "pd3" 3s>>
<<timedgoto "pd2" 4s>>
\n\nWhy did "It" let you play around in these woods?\nIt's apparent that others dare not embark on any kind of journey within these woods.\n\nAnimals flee it, as do humans.\n\nYou were just naive when you came here to dump a head.\nYou had no idea.\n\nThe arrangement of the disposing of body parts was something that grew as you once dropped an arm from the backpack and as you tried to searching for it you couldn't find it.\nYou dropped more parts on purpose during a couple of months and they all disappeared.\n\n"It" became like a guardian of the secrets buried between the trees.\n\n[[The enigma regarding what "It" is may very well never be answered|f24]]
\n\nYour relationship has always been a bit of a mystery.\nBut like the old couple you've always been and now become,\nyou try to stay out of each other’s way.\n\nBut "It" takes a step towards you now.\nCrossing that invisible border.\nClosing in.\n\nYou won't budge. You must stand your ground and show that you have the courage needed to mentally defeat "It".\n\nAt the same time, [[this doom might be a bliss|f23]]...
"911 what's your emergency?"\n\n<<timedinsert 2s>>[[answer the good lady|answer]]<<endtimedinsert>>
At first you think that you might have heard wrong.\n\nBut then you feel that presence.\n\nIn over 20 years you haven't forgotten about that.\nAbout "It".\n\n"It" is walking around. At the agreed upon fringe where you shan't cross.\n\nThe silent forest is still. Peaceful. And intruding.\nYou walk around the container.\n\nTrying to signal that it's just you.\nLike waving to an old friend.\n\nYou don't really know that much about "It".\nBut as you've took care off you're business during the years in silence you can appreciate others seeking the same discretion.\n\n[[Who's been feeding "It" during the years?|f20]]
"Horrible is what it is Susan.\nAnd skipping calls means that people out there can be in serious danger.\nMaybe even DIE!"\n\n[[Have you talked to Lars?|lars]]
"Oh I hate that horrible Annette"\n\n[[What do you mean?|anne2]]
[img[https://corruptreality.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/stoplight.gif]]\n\n<<timedinsert 3s>>@@font-weight:bold;font-size:145%;[[should you stop|h1]] or [[keep driving|drive]]?@@<<endtimedinsert>>
[img[https://corruptreality.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/leno_start1.png]]\n\n[[Press "Quick Heat"|lenospin2]]
@@opacity: 0.2;the urge@@\n\n<<timedgoto "title3" 0.1s>>
@@opacity: 0.3;the urge@@\n\n<<timedgoto "title4" 0.1s>>
@@opacity: 0.4;the urge@@\n\n<<timedgoto "title5" 0.1s>>
@@opacity: 0.5;the urge@@\n\n<<timedgoto "title6" 3s>>
@@opacity: 0.4;the urge@@\n\n<<timedgoto "title7" 0.1s>>
@@opacity: 0.3;the urge@@\n\n<<timedgoto "title8" 0.1s>>
@@opacity: 0.2;the urge@@\n\n<<timedgoto "title9" 0.1s>>
@@opacity: 0.1;the urge@@\n\n<<timedgoto "annepro" 0.1s>>
\nTo kill to hide another kill.\nNever have you been forced to act like that.\nBut these are truly desperate times.\n\n\nBut should Alex suffer for your actions?\n\n\nThere's nothing wrong with experimental wok night really!\nAlex is fine and doesn't maybe deserve a monster like you?\n\n\nBut Alex is the one who put you in this position with all the routine\nand double dating and nagging on about meeting friends and family.\n\n\n[[...|e8]]\n
\nSo you're probably fucked.\nEven if "they" won't do anything.\nAlex is like a blood hound not giving up.\n\nYou have only yourself to blame.\nYou idiot.\n\nYou managed to avoid answering questions about the pain killers by simply making a scene about trust and other stuff you can't remember right now.\n\nThen you stormed off to work and Alex has called seven times.\n\n\n[[fuck|e7]]\n
\nAs you've come to sleep like an infant...Alex has gotten weary and restless.\n\nAt first you can't understand, but as Alex complains about Drew never answering the phone you start to fathom the consequences of what you've done.\n\n@@font-weight:bold;DAY 1 of WORRIES:@@\n\n<<timedinsert 8s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"I'm worried for Drew"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 10s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Why? I'm sure your cousin will show up"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 13s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"But this is new. Not returning phone calls..."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 15s>>[[...|e2]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n
\nA few minutes later you're outside the store without any of the goods you sought to purchase.\n\nThe store behind you is a "no-cash-store" and doesn't even use regular bills and coins anymore.\n\nAs you got upset and yelled that you most certainly wouldn't want a job there (even if you never asked for one yet) they threw you out.\n\n[[This world is maybe not for you?|f11]]\n
(function(){ var render2 = Passage.prototype.render; Passage.prototype.render = function () { var b = render2.call(this); var t = this.tags.join(" "); document.body.setAttribute("data-tags", t); b.setAttribute("data-tags",t); return b; }; if(state) { var tgs = state.history[0].passage.tags.join(" "); var fc = $('passages').firstChild; fc.setAttribute("data-tags",tgs); }}());if(state) (function(){ var it = setInterval(function(){ var fd = $('passages').firstChild; if (fd!=fc) { clearInterval(it); fd.setAttribute("data-tags",tgs); } },0); }());
\n@@font-weight:bold;DAY 2 of WORRIES:@@\n\n<<timedinsert 2s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"Still no word and it's been 10 days. I've talked to the police but they only said that if you're an adult sometimes people just take spontaneous vacations or whatnot. Bullshit!"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 6s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"The police? Eh, is that necessary really? Drew will turn up sooner or later, I'm sure of it!"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 9s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"No I'm not so sure. Something feels off..."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 12s>>[[...|e3]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n
\n\nYou sit down on a bench and ponder upon your options.\n\nYou can either sit here on this bench until you die?\nYou can try to fit in into this world?\nYou can commit a crime and get back to prison?\nYou can kill yourself?\n\nNo, none of them seems right.\n\n\nBut you are sure that you want to leave.\n[[That's something at least|f12]]\n
\nIt suddenly becomes so clear. Crystal clear as the expression goes.\n\nAlex isn't to blame.\n\nYou are the monster who've preyed amongst the oblivious humans.\n\nMaybe this is for the best?\n\nTurning yourself in wouldn't feel right to Alex.\nPrison. You have no concept about it.\nMaybe it's great?\n\nMaybe in another situation.\n\nThe least you can do before you drive out to your container is [[texting Alex...|eself2]]\n
\n@@opacity: 0.5;ACT III:@@\n@@font-size: 60%;opacity: 0.5;"alternate inklings disrupting a choice"@@\n\n<<timedgoto "j20" 5s>>
\nIt's autumn now.\nLeaves die and plunge towards the ground.\nLife turns brown and grey.\n\nYou enjoy this park.\nIt's secluded yet open.\n\nOne can breathe properly here.\nEnjoying life and the bounties if provides.\n\nOn a bench near the small lake you sit.\nYou watch that jogger who's passed you by several times now.\n\nEvery time you nod a bit more and smile as to say that you're not a risk.\nYou’re no one that would hurt you even though it's rather dark and late.\n\n[[...|epi2]]\n
\n\nFor the fifth time the jogger passes you by and this time\nyou even say "hello".\n\nYou receive a courtesy "hello" back and even a wave.\nBut that wave causes the jogger stumble a bit and fall to the ground.\n\nYou run to aid, helping the jogger back on their feet.\n\n<<timedinsert 8s>>@@font-family:Kreon;font-size:115%;color:#91204D;"Aw thanks. Big help."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 10s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"No problem at all. By the way. Could you help me with something?"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 13s>>@@font-family:Kreon;font-size:115%;color:#91204D;"Yeah sure. What do you want?"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 19s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;[["I want to gouge your eyes out"|end]]@@<<endtimedinsert>>
\n\n\n\nYou lay down on the table.\nClose your eyes and will just take a quick [[power nap|f18]].
\n@@opacity: 0.5;ACT VI:@@\n@@font-size: 60%;opacity: 0.5;"to gush as rural habitats alter verity"@@\n\n<<timedgoto "f14" 5s>>
***@@font-family:courier;font-size:85%;opacity:0.6;your guest has died...@@\n\n<<timedgoto "act2" 3s>>
\nYou're used to coming up with horrible ways of\ninflicting pain, but now you want to find the most humane\nway of taking your own life.\n\nMaybe a fire?\n\nA fire where smoke kills you and then the fire takes care of your body.\n\nSo this is it.\nHow could a date with fantastic shrimp cocktails lead to this?\n\nYou take off your clothes.\nPlace them under the table so that it will catch fire.\n\n<<timedinsert 14s>>[[as you sit there you find "peace" in some way, and thusly striking the match against the box causing it to lit ...|end]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n
\nThe container’s most interesting wall.\nA wall that wouldn't distress anyone if this was maybe a garage,\ntool shed or something in that manner.\n\nBut you know the walls content's true purpose.\nThese tools have never been near a car nor a drywall.\n\nThey've experienced something completely different.\n\nWhat saddens you is that only one of two people inside the container\nhave seen that wall.\n\nAnd then, and idea!\nIs the delay worth it if you were to [[wake|wake]] your guest up?\n\n[[ok|me]]\n\n<<set $west = true>>
\n\n\nYou park the car and in a symbolic rage you throw away the keys.\n\nThe hike seems longer with your hurting knee.\nYou think of that traffic light.\nOf choices that you've made and how life turned out.\n\nYou could've been dead now.\nBut you aren't.\nYou are a soon-to-be deranged serial killer with a new urge to play [[BINGO|f16]].
\n\nThe south wall is, unlike the other walls, smeared\nwith...something. Brownish grey and green.\n\nA splatter the size of a toilet seat.\nHard to determine exactly witch orifice that\ncould've provided the wall with this decoration.\n\nI bet that if you sat down with a pen and paper and just\ntried to write down each victim you wouldn't get far.\n\n[[ok|me]]\n\n<<set $south = true>>
\n[img[https://corruptreality.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/t2.png]]\n\n<<timedinsert 2s>>[[Maybe this is it? It feels like this is it|d7]]<<endtimedinsert>>
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\nAt home.\nSafe and sound.\nIt's a bit late, but Leno might be doing a longer monologue.\n\nYou put the head in the freezer.\nIt's always hard to tell when you'll be ready to discard it.\nSometimes you have no problem at all dumping it with the other body parts.\n\nFor the longest, you've kept a head for 12 weeks.\nIt kinda lost its panache at the end.\n\nThe stack of TV dinners is soon depleted.\nYou need to shop.\nProbably get some other nutrition in you too.\nBut you have others things on your mind.\n\n[[Set the micro wave on "HIGH" for 6 minutes|h3]]
"...but who'll date him now?!"\n\n(the crowd claps and laughs as seals expecting yet another fish)\n\nBut instead we're treated to some commercials.\n\nOne talks about a new detergent. One about candy.\n\nNothing wrong with commercials.\nYou got your hands on probably the best knife you've ever had as you channel surfed one sleepless night and ended up on the Home Shopping Network.\n\nLeno is back on.\nOne guest is somebody you’ve never heard of.\nThe other one is some young Hollywood hunk that's in this new movie\nabout robots who become radioactive and kills humans, and now the hunk has to fight them all.\n\n[[you turn off|h4]]
\nYou feel law abiding for once.\nIronic really.\nYou have no problem in committing some of the most heinous crimes,\nbut in traffic you're a model citizen.\n\nYou make the final turn and end up on your own street.\nA spot right in front of your apartment building!\nApparently God //doesn't// frown upon your doings and punishes\nyou by having you circle around the block 50 times.\n\n[[turn off the engine. grab the head. make sure that you've locked your car|h2]]
\n\nYou start your new day by taking a gander at your head.\n\nNot your own but the one in the freezer.\n\nIt looks so peaceful and still laying there, amongst some ice cream and food...\n\nThe morning routine.\nOne of the very few routines you can indulge in...\n\n\n[[shower. brush. poo. breakfast. coffee (no wait tea instead!). grab the keys. say goodbye to head. down the stairs. into car. drive one of many detours. watch your back. park the car. walk a few feet. enter job|job1]]
<<timedgoto "f1" 3s>>
\nYou stare at the soon-to-be-done TV dinner in the micro wave.\nIt's almost mesmerizing.\n\nYou suddenly see [[Leno|lenospin]] in there...
\nThe TV dinner lacks taste and smell.\nBut you get some much needed energy.\n\nYou eat it naked, standing up.\nAfter a hot shower you take one last look at the head before night time.\n\nThe eyes are still open.\nYou close them and hum some bars from a lullaby maybe your mom sang to you?\n\nA mom who took care of you.\n\nYou're not the typical serial killer with the cliche background...\n\n[[But you're a sleepy serial killer|h6]]
\n\nA few day goes by and you are already in the container together with Drew.\n\nBut in the same fantasy Alex is outside the container pounding on it and yelling for you to stop.\n\nYou work as if in a haze. The headache hasn't let go of you but you try to work through it.\n\nBut then, just a few days after that dinner, Drew. enters. the Walmart.\n\n[[and your world. stops|k11]]
\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n<<replace "Start the game!">>(this isn't a game)<<becomes>>(never mistake this for a game)<<becomes>>(and I don't mean "this is art" or something like that)<<becomes>>so this isn't a game?<<becomes>>(exactly. now you got it)<<becomes>>(basically...this is just what happens)<<becomes>>[[ok|title]]<<endreplace>>\n\n\n@@font-family:courier;opacity:0.4;color:black;font-size:25%;(tw: torture)@@\n\n@@font-family:courier;opacity:0.4;color:black;font-size:35%;an interactive text made for IFcomp 2014@@\n@@font-family:courier;opacity:0.4;color:black;font-size:30%;best experienced in Chrome on a computer@@\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n@@font-size: 40%;color:black;Made by [[@PaperBlurt|https://twitter.com/paperblurt]] | More games in the [[Twine Album|http://thetwinealbum.paperblurt.com/]]@@
\nYou talk even more, and as the night is coming to an end\nyou feel exhausted.\n\nAs Drew leaves and Alex babbles on about how good the wine tasted\nand how fun this was, you are in your own world.\n\nYou let imagination roam freely inside your mind even though you\ncan't seriously be contemplating murdering Drew.\n\nBut could it be a must to kill Drew so you can continue on with Alex?\nTo go even further in this relationship.\n\n[[Oh GOD fucking hell this is horrible|k10-2]]
\n@@font-weight:bold;DAY 19 of WORRIES:@@\n\n<<timedinsert 2s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"I've talked to the police yet again. They either don't have any leads or the interest to pursue this. They told me that in those days since Drew's been gone about 40 other people went missing."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 6s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"That's real horrible. So maybe there's nothing to do then?"@@ (at least for Alex, you could maybe panic a bit)<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 9s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"No I'm not giving up. Drew's car is gone too."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 12s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Maybe stolen?"@@ (or dumped by you where nobody will ever find it)<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 14s>>[[...|e5]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n
\n\nFinding...a new ”guest” is much like being attracted to a person.\n\nThat's why you can't restrain yourself to NOT finding someone interesting at your job.\n\nOnce or twice, as you stock some new razors or whatnot, an interesting person walks by.\n\n<<timedinsert 6s>>[[As it does right now|job4]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n
\n\n\nMaybe "It" doesn't have to feed?\nMaybe it's just a hobby?\nLike the urge you've felt.\nYou've never needed to kill.\nIt's never something necessary for your survival.\nMaybe to keep your sanity but that's something else.\n\nYour elderly eyes squint as if to focus.\n\nThen, [[closer than ever before|f21]], you see "It".
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Thursday the 27th@@\n\nSo. Sam is this <<cyclinglink "interesting" "irritating">> little criminal with a track record containing a murder or two.\n\nI've deiced to make Sam my new sanity project.\nSomeone that can keep my interest peaking.\n\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd22]]@@
You feel that same breath behind you.\nThat same paw on your back slowly pushing you towards the ground.\n\nBut this time panic starts to brew within you.\n\nThe last time you two touched it was with trust and friendship.\nThis type of brutality signals something else.\n\nSomething horrible.\n\nA nose sniffs your head.\nA fang is seen in your peripheral view.\n\n"Is that talons" is your very last thought before "It" impales you.\n\nYou see the container in front of you and you actually wave and whisper softly "good bye".\n\nBlood pours along side your love handles and even though you're not dead, "It" starts to devour you.\n\n[[Your knee doesn't hurt anymore...|end]]
\n\nYou //could// see yourself as a lion.\nAnd Walmart as your prairie.\nA beast on the prowl...\n\nBut it would rise suspicions if people visit Walmart just before\nthey disappear. And then "they" would be gaining on you...\n\nOf course there are exceptions to the rule.\n\nBut you can't help it.\n\nIf you do find an interesting...”gazelle” you try to find out the persons name or license plate and then give it a week or three.\n\n[[...|job3]]
\nAs a creature on the prowl you stalk the unsuspecting Drew.\n\nDinner is waiting at home...\n\n(but Alex will understand as you call from the car or something and lie about a busted fork lift or something else that explains why you have to stay late, but of course you're ever so sorry)\n\nDrew hasn't spotted you as you keep your [[distance|k14]].\n
\n\n\n\n\n\n\n>>@@font-size:1200%;color:darkred;font-family:nosifer;<html><span class="blink">kill</span></html>@@\n<<timedgoto "k11" 0.5s>>
\nAs you sneak up on Drew you try to avoid customers that just want to ask a little question about something they don't understand in any way at all but have set their mind on. Like old people with computers or a parent buying their kid a video game or someone without the right size trying to guess what jeans to buy for their sister's birthday...\n\nAt a shelf with soy sauce Drew suddenly sees you and almost shrieks.\n\n(yes it was fun last time we met. oh didn't you know I work here? how fun to run into you. yes of course. it's in aisle 15).\n\nIt's late. The urge is calling for your attention as Drew walks about the store.\n\nAlex's voice echos through your mind.\nBut sometimes the monster inside you beats the human.\n\n[[And this is such a time|k13]]\n<<timedgoto "k12" 5s>>\n
\nWhat was that?\n<<timedinsert 2s>>Quite intense...<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 4s>>Yet it felt right and, something more. A pain is forming in your skull. A horrible headache is born.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 7s>>[[you sit through dinner, laughing and trying to learn more about Drew at the same time as Alex is just glad that you two actually clicked...|k10-1]]<<endtimedinsert>>
\n****...Drew wakes up to see the door closing.\n\n\n<<timedgoto "k18" 7.9s>>\n
\n\nThe road feels longer than usual.\nBut there's the exit.\nThe turn leading to the forest that leads to the container which in a sense leads to death.\n\nBut you're here.\nNight is here.\nOne of the few friends a serial killer has.\n\nDrew was a bit heavier than you could muster.\nBut you made it...\n\nAnd just as you've [[entered the container and put Drew on the table...|k17]]\n
\nNo moans are heard throughout the night.\nNo struggle.\n\nYou feel like a kid opening that very first Christmas gift that you know is that Nintendo you've longed for so long!\n\nAll is perfect except that agonizing headache.\nIt's beyond anything you've felt...\n\n(there must be some pain killers in the car, and surely, after you've pulled aside and rummage through the glove department you find some)\n\nYou're not keen on drugs but this moment shan’t be ruined by something as simple as pain.\n\n[[Pain is saved for Drew|k16]]\n
\nThe parking lot is getting is soon completely vacant..\nCars leave the area and you remember that your car is at the employee parking on the other side of the store.\n\nDrew is about to leave and you don't have the patience to listen to your own damp voice of reason trying to get your attention.\n\nInstead of the standard procedure you just run and knock the poor unexpected Drew in the head and drive off.\n\n\n[[You are used to driving a Volvo but this Fiat will just have to do...|k15]]\n
\nThey shout at you.\nMaybe they have friends on the inside so they recognize the\nstandard clothing attire presented to newly released prisoner.\n\nOr maybe they just want to pick someone that’s //not// their size.\n\nPretty harsh words hits your ear drums and you dare not respond as they outnumber you.\n\nRacial slurs are thrown around.\n\nThey start to follow you and as you don't respond to them heckling you they actually [[punch|f6]] you - a senior citizen falls to the ground.\n
<<timedgoto "ACT1" 1s>>
@@font-family:courier new;font-size:70%;//torture method #9//:@@\n\n\n@@font-family:Arial;font-size:250%;font-weight:bold;"The Adam & Eve"@@\n\n@@font-family:courier;font-size:85%;\n\nNo matter who you are, this is uncomfortable beyond what's human.\n\n1) Place the parents and the "guest" in the same living room.\n2) Start off the parents by getting them to talk about the "guest’s" sex life.\n3) Make them slowly deviated from that and instead start talking about their own sex life and instruct the "guest" in how a gag ball is used.@@\n\n\n\n[[done|w2]]\n\n<<set $weapon += 1>>\n<<set $ae = true>>
\n<<timedinsert 2.5s>>At home you find a sleeping Alex.\nYou go to bed.\nAlex gives you a hug.\n\nYou sleep like a baby...<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 6s>>[[And the headache is gone|act5]]<<endtimedinsert>>
\nOutside the weather is somewhat gloomy.\n\n"Gloomy"\n\nWhat a word that is.\nMoods and weather can be gloomy.\nSeldom you see a gloomy car or eat a gloomy casserole.\n\nYou manage to locate the person outside.\nGroceries already packed.\n\nBut then.\nYou drop the pen and paper you had in hand.\nYou drop the jaw.\nYou drop all memories of the person.\n\nAs [[someone new|job9]] comes walking towards the entrance...\n
"Oh I've tried Susan. I truly have.\nBut the only thing to do now is to talk to Lars and see if I can switch shifts and even maybe work stations so I'm as far away from her as possible.\nI can't stand her!"\n\n[[(She's the crazy one) Ok. Ah, speak of the devil, break time is over.|work]]
\n\nFourteen hours later you wake up.\n\nYou hear a noise outside.\nA trampling. Something walking about.\n\nYour ancient mind doesn't really keep up with where you want to end up inside your head. Therefore it takes a while until you come to think of "It".\n\nYou had forgotten about "It".\n\nYou sneak out.\n\n\n[[Very quietly|f19]].
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\nCleaning supplies.\nCramped on the floor - buckets and mops.\nFilled shelves - chlorine and soap.\n\nHuman sized plastic bags (you remember how hard it\nwas to get a hold of those as they had to be easy for animals to tear to get to the flesh).\n\nA clean house is a virtue. Maybe not, but you can’t really stand (or afford) uncleanliness.\n\n[[ok|me]]\n\n<<set $north = true>>
\nThe drive feels longer than usual.\nYou feel even sadder as you don't have time\nto listen to the last chapters of "American Psycho".\n\nIt feels weird not carrying a body as you close in on the container. In some weird manner you think that this is how your "guests" must have felt (if they were somewhat awake).\n\nThe hidden torture room is like a monolith rising up towards the sky.\n\nInside it you feel the stale smell of blood that simply can’t be rinsed out.\n\n[[you close the door|eself4]]\n
\nAt the dump site now.\nIt took a while for you and "It" to understand each other.\n\nBut now you help solve each other's problems.\n\nThe lack of other animals makes "It" hungry and you need to get rid\nof body parts (but not the head as you often want to save that, for a while).\n\nOn a little knoll you place the chopped parts in a pile.\n\n\nAnd then, just simply [[walk away|j9]] towards the car.
"Yes Lars has a lot to offer, unlike Annette.\nOh there's Lars now, isn't break time over?"\n\n[[Oh you're right!|work]]
@@opacity: 0.3;<<timedinsert 1s>>Smelling salt does the trick<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 2s>>Ammonium burns the nostrils<<endtimedinsertSS\n\n<<timedinsert 3s>>Slowly opening the eyes<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 4s>>Your guest looks around<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 5s>>A figure in the dark<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 6.5s>>Not recognizing the room<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 8s>>Two hands grab the head<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 10s>>The hands displays a certain wall<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 15s>>A most horrific wall<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 18s>>[[unconsciousness|west]]<<endtimedinsert>>@@
\n\nHere we go again?\n\n<<timedinsert 1s>>\nVery good looking. Tall which is nice. Kinda retro stylish jeans. Hair looks really groomed. Dimples! Looks happy. The small car suggest a lack of kids which is good. So f**king cute.<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n\n<<timedinsert 13s>>[[(nothing?)|job10]]<<endtimedinsert>>
\n\nThe lack of routine continues as you head into the city.\nYou take different routes and you shop at different stores.\n\nConvenience is something to yearn for, but never be able to enjoy.\n\nBut you refuse to become a lazy serial killer.\n\nHowever, you do treat yourself to some routine in your home.\nYour private quarters where you watch TV and eat a TV dinners every night.\n\nBut that's it!\n\nYou shop clothes at different stores and even at work you try to circulate buying your lunch at different restaurants.\n\n[[Oh crap. Leno is almost on!|j19]]
\n\n\nSo Leno is soon on and by the way, you actually have to work tomorrow.\n\nYou speed up a bit just so you won't miss the entire monologue at least...there's the last traffic light before your turn!\n\n[[...|actnew]]
\n\nYou always save the head for last.\nYou can't really explain it, but you've never been good at saying goodbye.\n\nIt's so definitive to get rid of the head.\nTo find the right ”guest” to "invite" to the container is more or less the same as attraction. Someone catches your eye and you feel an urge to have that human.\n\nThen to depart is tough.\nBut it must be done. Sooner or later.\n\n[[almost home|j18]]
\n\nOn the way home you constantly try to find different routes.\nYou can't really grant yourself with the luxury of routines.\nRoutine is what get people caught.\n\nOne of the few routines you have (if one would define it as such) is your little ”hobby” that you perform in your container.\n\nYou often amuse (or scare) yourself by thinking of "It" during the drive home. It keeps you alert and awake (literally). You think of how you went out to the container. Making it soundproof one spring.\n\nSuddenly you react to the fact that you actually //do// hear something in the woods.\nIt's usually so quiet.\n\n[[You never saw "It" but could feel its breath on your shoulder.|j15]]
\nYou feel like your mom as you’re cleaning.\nShe always cleaned naked.\nAt least the bathroom.\nYou'd look at her with awe, and wonder why she was naked.\nWhy her naked body would come so close to all the dirt, fecal matter and urine.\n\nShe spared her clothes.\nShe saved time.\nShe just jumped in the shower.\nIt was her ritual, making herself the last object to cleanse.\n\nIt took you several years of doing this to understand.\n\n[[But now you too are naked|j4]]
\n\nBooks on tape have really saved you as you've spent more\nor less complete weeks in the car, driving home.\n\nFirst you tried some classics but felt they weren't really you.\nHarry Potter did the trick when it came to cure your boredom for a while\nand during that time you often took extra detours to listen to just another chapter.\n\nRight now you listen to //American Psycho//.\nAnd you feel that it's "funny as it's true".\nYou're not a yuppie, but you @@font-weight:bold;do@@ enjoy good food.\n\n[[...|j13]]
\n\nSerial killers are seldom alike though.\nThey strive for particular thrills and have different rituals.\n\nAnd it's hard to reach out and meet others.\nThere’s not really a ”Killbook” or ”DieSpace” for murderers.\nBut you haven't really felt connected to those you've read about.\nBateman is the first one. But he's not real.\n\nYou are real though.\n\n[[And a bit alone|j14]]
Back in the car.\nYou turn the key and this time you feel confident that nobody will whisk you away from this mess of a life.\n\nSome people who kill are lazy.\n\nEither as they aren't real killers but mere people who take a life in the heat of the moment.\n\nOther are true killers, either it’s in their nature or they actually kill other humans.\n\nBut they are often lazy. They seldom travel enough miles from their home. Police have set search area and the killer's dwelling is often within that area.\n\nFor you to reach the container you have to travel (by car) 3 hours.\nAnd walk approximately 1 hour into the woods.\n\nGetting all the stuff out to the container took forever.\n\n[[boredom|j11]]
\nYou have to be somewhat paranoid if you have this kind of hobby.\nIt would be easier with model air planes or bird watching.\n\nBut maybe cautious is the right word?\n\nThe three hour drive is a must to be as far as possible (but still doable) from your home.\n\nOn the way towards the container.\nTowards the ritual. You feel alive and on edge.\nSenses are sharp and you can feel how the heart beats.\n\nOn the way home, boredom sets in pretty quick.\n\n\n[[But one can't laugh all the time...|j12]]
\n\nThe person on the table doesn’t know where you two are.\nYou know. This is the old container.\n\nIt’s been through a lot. As have you.\nYou honor your container with a look around, as to reminisce a bit\nbefore the games begin.\n\n[[East wall|east]]\n[[South wall|south]]\n[[North wall|north]]\n[[West wall|west]]\n\n<<if $east and $south and $north and $west>>\n<<replace "Let the game begin!">>(I told you. this isn't a game)<<becomes>>yeah sorry about that...<<becomes>>(but keep on "playing" if you want)<<becomes>>[[ok|game]]<<endreplace>>\n<<endif>>\n\n
\n\nThe one on the bunk is...\n\n<<cyclinglink "tall" "short" "medium height" "too tall" "too short">>\n\nand has...\n\n<<cyclinglink "brown" "red" "blonde" "black" "bad">> hair\n\nand comes across as...\n\n<<cyclinglink "pretty" "cute" "ugly" "horrible" "sad" "pathetic" "miserable" "a person who deserves this" "a person who might not deserve this">>\n\n\n\n[[done|me]]
\n@@font-weight:bold;DAY 7 of WORRIES:@@\n\n<<timedinsert 2s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"So I've managed to get a hold of Drew's credit card bill and it seems that the last time the card was used, by someone, was at the Walmart you work at. Isn't that weird?"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 8s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Oh wow. How did you manage to get that? Isn't that illegal?"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 12s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"I don't care if it's legal or not, Drew is gone! And you don't think it's a weird coincidence that Drew disappears at Walmart?"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 15s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"We don't know that for sure..."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 17s>>[[...|e4]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n
You sit down.\nTake a sip of water.\nPut on your headset.\nWait a few seconds for the light to flash.\nGet ready, and then [[pick up|pickup]] the phone.
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n<<timedgoto "pd4" 2s>>
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Saturday the 9th@@\n\nI wonder if "It" wonders where I've gone. We did have some kind of relationship that I valued.\nIs the forest even there yet? Have the policed kept digging in my case and maybe even found my container?\n\nWhat is happening out there?\nPrison gives more or less no information about the outside world.\nAt least not in the same amount and pace that I'm used to.\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd14]]@@
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Sunday the 7th@@\n\nDear diary!\n\nSo far you're keeping me sane.\nTimes moves really slow (yeah I know I've wrote that in you but I still got 26 mother fucking years left so get fucking used to repetition you fucking cock sucking cunt licking ass wiping diary fucker shit eater!) but I feel calm and at ease...and that's a big win for me!\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd13]]@@
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Monday the 2nd@@\nIn my papers it says I'm <<cyclinglink "a killer" "lonely">>. I admitted to only one gruesome murder. Not a whole series! So here I am! And I can’t even brag about my track record.\n\nBut not that many in here brag.\nThere's this hierarchy where people who've killed kids are at the very bottom. And I fucking get that. <<cyclinglink "Killing" "Wanting">> kids is not me. And I don't see the charm in killing something that weak. There's a big difference in adult fear in comparison to a kid.\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd12]]@@
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Wednesday the 19th@@\n\nEscaping isn't an option.\nPartly as the security is high, and partly as I know squat about fucking escaping from prisons!!!\n\nI hate being in a maximum security facility! But I guess getting the needle, or gas or electricity or maybe being cuddled to death by kittens wasn't really my style.\n\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd11]]@@
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Wednesday the 18th@@\nTime is starting to fly by.\nI'm having difficulties remembering exactly how I used to torture people. Not how to do it, but the procedure, the ritual.\n\nI woke up tonight and wept like a small child. After 4 years I'm not sure if I can manage much longer.\nI find it soothing that other hardened criminals crack in here too. We <<cyclinglink "play" "live">> this game in here. Cocky and tough. But at night I can hear the anonymous sobs...\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd18]]@@
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Monday the 4th@@\nSo I had some kind of evaluation today.\nThat was weird. It was like that guidance counselor you met in school. I got asked about how I liked it in here (I'm not kidding they asked like if the answer was gonna be positive) and if I felt I "adjusted".\n\nAdjusted. That's a funny word. Of course I adjust well or else I'd be killed or raped or beaten to a pulp or something even more horrible.\n\nI wish I could adjust that little fucker.\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd17]]@@
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Thursday the 14th@@\n\nI've been thinking about the beating-up-an-inmate invite I got the other day.\nDoes that person <<cyclinglink "respect" "fear">> me? I was never popular in school so maybe I should try to start a gang in here and we could decide what's hot and not and give some inmates the cold shoulder and others a high five.\n\nYeah. That'll be something...\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd16]]@@
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Tuesday the 12th@@\nI got invited to a beating of some inmate who tried to steal some other inmate’s stuff. I don't really know the details.\n\nIt felt really weird to be invited to something like that. And that you kinda like invite people. I came to think about all the e-vites that I never got. If everybody had a smart phone in here would I get push notifications that reminded me to beat up someone?\n\nI declined the offer.\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd15]]@@
\n\nIt comes to you in small portions.\nThis idea of where to go.\n\nActually it takes a few days.\nDays that you spend on benches, in doorways, even on a toilet floor.\nYou feel disgusted and desperate.\n\nThe money you have left is hard to spend as this money-less society obviously doesn't seek profit but value convenience instead. Ha! Convenience Stores they truly are (you amuse yourself from time to time with small nuggets of humor).\n\n[[Your knee hurts and you feel cranky like a child|f13]]\n
\n\nBut finally you do what you should've done as soon as you got out: you steal a car.\n\nAnd you start to drive.\n\nTowards to forest.\nTowards memories.\n\n\nTowards your old [[container|act6p]].\n
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Sunday the 31st@@\n\n20 years remain of this <<cyclinglink "punishment" "reality">>.\n\nShit.\nNo diary I really mean it: SHIIIIIT!!\n\nWill try to amuse myself with name calling as the new inmates arrive today...\n\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd20]]@@
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Friday the 13th@@\n\nFuuuuuuuuck!!\n\nSomething has to happen.\nAnd soon.\nI've heard there's this noose you can easily make from some shoelaces and glue...\n\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|act3p]]@@
\nIt's there.\nOvergrown, but there.\n\nYou manage to open the rusty door and enter.\n\nIt stinks. Of blood and mold.\n\nBut your tools are there.\nThe table. The plastic bags. The knives. The duct tape.\n\nSo the police never found it?\nOr did they ever search for it?\n\nIs this that ambush you’ve feared where "they" will jump out and catch you?\n\n[[No. They already did catch you|f17]].
"I knew I could talk to you Susan.\nYou’re one of the good ones in this mad house.\nNot like Annette.\nOh it seems like our little chat is over."\n\n[[Thanks! And yeah, let’s get back to work.|work]]
\n\nThis feels much better.\nYou can breath again and you feel a bit younger.\n\nIt was terrifying to see how the world had turned its back on nature as you drove out of town and onwards towards the forest.\n\nThe "AMP" ads became more and more scarce and suddenly they stopped.\n\nMaybe the tales of these woods have survived throughout the years?\nIs that why it's still here?\n\nMay you hope for a sweet reunion with your old [[companion|f15]]?\n
"Who else could it be? She never joins us for a smoke anymore and she takes her own //private breaks// instead. I've even heard she skips some calls coming in!"\n\n[[But that's horrible|horrible]]
\n"So this is the future..."\n\nYour first words as you leave prison behind you.\nYou left everything you've accumulated during these years inside.\n\nA new life must begin.\n\nOne guard actually gave you a hug.\nThey've been there as long as you so maybe it's not that weird.\n\n\nThe future seems [[grey|f2]].\n
\nThey gave you some money and a "good luck".\nApparently you are now adjusted and is no longer a threat to the human race in any way possible.\n\nBut...you have a lot of missed murders to make up for.\nAlmost 28 years (you got released earlier due to good behavior) without a blade cutting into a pancreas.\n\nThen, as the bus going into town stops, you just remember one thing when you climb aboard and feel a sharp pain in your knees:\n\n[[you are old|f3]].\n\n
Where to?\n\nBus stop after bus stops rolls on bye outside the window.\nYou rub your knee and take a look at that card you got.\n\nA card with a number to the parole office handling your case.\nYou won’t call that number. The card gets thrown in a trash can that greets your gesture with a digital ”thank you”.\n\nBut where should you go? Nobody welcomes you. This is the downside of being a loner.\nYour home is no more and you feel alienated in this world.\n\nTV screens on the bus tells everybody to buy more "AMP".\nWhat the hell is AMP? Is it a soda?\n\n[[The worst part about being is old is feeling old|f4]]
\nEnd of the line.\nHow symbolic.\n\nThe bus driver looks angry at you.\nMaybe you have that aura around you that says "don't mess with me" and that's why the bus driver lets you be?\n\nOr maybe the bus driver is just tired and feel as outdated as you.\n\nYou get off.\nAt a bus depot.\nYou have to walk back to town and curse in silent as you could've been a bit more proactive and just get off at the bus stop you're now walking back to.\n\nOn the way towards town you see a [[gang|f5]].\n
(function(){\nvar bs = String.fromCharCode(92);\nWikifier.formatters.unshift({\n name: "continuedLine",\n match: bs+bs+"s",\n handler: function(a) {\n a.nextMatch = a.matchStart+3;\n }\n});\n}());\n
<<timedgoto "f7" 0.3s>>
\n<<timedinsert 3s>>\nYou wake up a few minutes later.\nYou actually got knocked out!\n\nThe gang is now arguing with another gang.\nMaybe about how it's OK to beat up old people?\nOr maybe just about drugs or something else trivial in gangland?\n\n\nYou walk on, a bit woozy at first, but soon steady as always.\n\nJust a few blocks later you're in the [[town center|f8]].\n<<endtimedinsert>>\n
To fight over ethnicity is something you've never understood.\nYou see yourself as maybe the least racist person on earth as you (back in the day) were willing to kill anyone.\n\nOn the inside you can't really say we're all beautiful.\nBut if you cut someone open.\nEverything looks the same on everyone:\n\nHeart.\nLungs.\nColon.\nKidney.\nKidneys.\n\nNo differences.\n\n[[You walk into a super market hoping to find food, clothes and work|f9]]\n
\nThe kidneys.\n\nThat must be your favorite organ.\nOn the inside you saw prison as societies kidneys striving to "cleanse" out all the bad stuff, but seldom managing to do a good job.\n\nYou've known for quite some time that you'll try to kill as soon as you got out. But now you got this knee thing and the draft in this store is just killing you and you’re aching for an early dinner.\n\nBetween all the ads for "AMP" you manage to find some food you recognize. It’s hard to find some clothes without sexy tag lines so you settle for "XXX FTW!" and\n[[go to the cashier|f10]].\n
\nIn all this commotion you forgot about the...head.\n\nAs that thought is about to leave your head you hear a scream.\n\nIt can't really be due to the accident.\nThat shock must have settled somewhat amongst the bystanders.\n\nOf course you understand what this is all about.\n\nBut you take a moment and again try to spot the other drivers. One is dead. An old lady.\nThe other is a scrawny teenager out with the driving instructor.\n\nYet another scream.\n\nAs if it happened in slow motion you see the police officer running towards your car, raising the gun, and you take a look next to you, then on the busted wind shield.\n\n[[And of course you can't find the head anywhere.|pd1]]
window.either = function() { return arguments[~~(Math.random()*arguments.length)];}
\n\nSo the wickedness you cause have finally turned on you.\nAs you ran against the red light you took a\nglimpse of the head next to you causing you to miss\nthe other car coming from the right.\n\nYour precious Volvo is wrecked.\nThe car that hit your rear is a metallic carcass.\nAnd the car that you rammed is no more\n\n[[your head hurts|drive3]]
"You know exactly what I mean.\nShe can't shut up about her new house and the new car and whatnot"\n\n[[Well of course she's glad for her new wealth.|anneglad]]\n[[Yeah I know exactly what you mean!|annesad]]
\n@@opacity: 0.5;ACT V:@@\n@@font-size: 60%;opacity: 0.5;"a parched life vanishing into a neoteric world"@@\n\n<<timedgoto "end3" 5s>>
\n@@opacity: 0.5;ACT VI:@@\n@@font-size: 60%;opacity: 0.5;"an axiom onerous to embrace"@@\n\n<<timedgoto "e1" 5s>>
(function(){var r="";var s=Wikifier.formatters;for(var j=0;j<s.length;j++){if(s[j].name=="image"){r=s[j].lookahead;\nbreak;}}var div=document.getElementById("storeArea").firstChild.nextSibling;while(div){if(r){k(new RegExp(r,"mg"),4);\n}var b=String.fromCharCode(92);var u=b+"s*['"+'"]?([^"'+"']+(jpe?g|a?png|gif|bmp))['"+'"]?'+b+"s*";\nk(new RegExp("url"+b+"("+u+b+")","mig"),1);k(new RegExp("src"+b+"s*="+u,"mig"),1);\ndiv=div.nextSibling;}function k(c,e){do{var d=c.exec(div.innerHTML);if(d){var i=new Image();\ni.src=d[e];}}while(d);}}());
\n\n\n\n**@@font-size:85%;color:darkgrey;<<timedinsert 3s>>the end<<endtimedinsert>>
"If you think that's harsh then you understand how truly upset I am Susan.\nI'm a timid woman who take pride in my work and I seldom use harsh language.\nBut this Annette character drives me crazy!"\n\n[[Try to calm down.|calm]]
"You can bet your pension fund on it Susan!\nThat Annette character can't be trusted."\n\n[[Seems like our break is over...|work]]
@@font-family:courier new;font-size:70%;//torture method #223//:@@\n\n\n@@font-family:Arial;font-size:250%;font-weight:bold;"The Popper"@@\n\n@@font-family:courier;font-size:85%;\n\nA nostalgic torture method that takes you back to when you were a kid.\n\n1) Take a firm grip of the "guest's" eyelids and place a firecracker under each one.\n2) Tape the eye lids shut with duct tape, but let the fuse poke out a bit.\n3) Light the fuse.@@\n\n\n\n[[done|w1]]\n\n<<set $weapon += 1>>\n<<set $popper = true>>
\n\nA much needed kill.\nYeah that might hit the spot.\n\nThese people you've killed during your time with Alex haven't felt...right.\n\nWhat's interesting is that the urge has\nnever crossed over to the attraction you feel (felt?) for Alex.\n\nYou've seen yourself, at least sometimes, as a monster with human qualities, now you see yourself as a human with monster qualities.\n\n<<timedinsert 12s>>[[BUT NOW YOU'VE EVEN BEEN ON A DOUBLE DATE!|k4]]<<endtimedinsert>>
\n\nAlex is great.\nReally great.\nSuper-duper great actually.\n\nBut maybe a bit stale.\nBut that's just when it's not super-duper-ultra-mega-great!\n\nAt work everything is normal.\nAs it was before.\n\nIt becomes a much needed sanctuary for the temporary couple refugee that you’ve become.\n\n[[work.work.work.work.work.work|k3]]
\nWhat was at first exiting, new, fresh and that Harlequin-like adventure you've often heard of, suddenly lacks it all.\n\nAlex is still...fun.\n\nBut the urge provided you with a rush that seldom Alex provides.\nYou get other things instead.\n\nYou’ve felt like this before.\nA feeble minded child that that just wants the latest shiny ball bouncing by.\n\n[[these boxes have to wait as work approaches|k2]]
Pretty slim.\nBut 47 days later that someone comes into your life.\n\n47 horrible days that have taken their toll on you.\n47 days where poor Alex had to take a lot of shit from you.\n\nBut then. On day 46 Alex says:\n\n<<timedinsert 8s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"You know my cousin right?"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 10s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Yeah I don't remember the name gosh darn it..."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 13s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;(a smile) I invited //Drew// for dinner at our place, tomorrow. I thought it was time to meet some family. We've been close ever since both our parents passed away and I think you two could click."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 18s>>(this was inevitable, but at the same time not a big deal)<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 21s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"So I hope it's OK?"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 23s>>[[(of course it is)|k8]]<<endtimedinsert>>
\n\nBut you still want to kill someone.\nYou yearn for it.\n\nBut what are the chances that just the right kill will [[walk on by just as you need it the most?|k7]]
\nThen comes that look.\nA quick glance as your eyes meet and you feel that old feeling.\n\nMaybe role-playing could work?\nYou could play yourself and Alex could play a customer at Walmart who caught your eye, and you help that customer who dropped something and then you feel that tingle in your stomach again.\n\n<<timedinsert 10s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Thanks for lunch..."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 12s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"No problem at all, and dinner will be waiting at home."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 14s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;(a genuine smile) "Yeah I know"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 18s>>\n[[This isn't so bad!|k6]]<<endtimedinsert>>
\n\nA kill beyond kills might make you feel like you again.\n\nBut it has to be just right.\n\nNot like that web editor douche that barely could withstand\nthe simplest and most gentle form of torture and died from\npure horror and that little speck of pain you inflicted.\n\n[[here comes Alex for lunch|k4-1]]
@@font-family:lekton;<<timedinsert 1s>>"I'm not a single locust.<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 4s>>I'm a swarm, dispersing havoc amongst the lesser men\nwhilst I ravish the world as I see fit without any regret.<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 7s>>Others will see my swarm and understand it - accepting it.<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 9s>>No shelter shall shelter thee.<<endtimedinsert>>\n<<timedinsert 11s>>We are here."<<endtimedinsert>>@@\n\n@@font-family:Oranienbaum;font-size:115%;<<timedinsert 15s>>[[are you in need of assistance?|answer2]]<<endtimedinsert>>@@\n
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Thursday the 1st@@\n\nSo diary! I found that thing! That thing that will keep me sane for the rest of this <<cyclinglink "horrible" "evolving">> experience.\n\nThe prison provides all inmates with different kind of hobbies. Don't know if ”hobbies” is the right word. But anyway!\n\nI'm into POTTERY now! It's mesmerizingly relaxing!\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd28]]@@
\n\n\n\n\n\n\n>>@@font-size:1200%;color:darkred;font-family:nosifer;<html><span class="blink">kill</span></html>@@\n<<timedgoto "k10" 4s>>
On the 47th day Drew came by.\n\nSuch a familiar feeling.\nThe attraction began anew...\nAnd it felt very right...\n\n<<timedinsert 6s>>\nPerfect hair. <<timedinsert 2s>>@@color:darkred;font-size:145%;KILL!<<endtimedinsert>> Perfect nose. <<timedinsert 2.2s>>@@color:darkred;font-size:145%;KILL!<<endtimedinsert>> Perfect eyes. <<timedinsert 2.4s>>@@color:darkred;font-size:145%;KILL!<<endtimedinsert>> Perfect hands. <<timedinsert 2.6s>>@@color:darkred;font-size:145%;KILL!<<endtimedinsert>> Perfect body. <<timedinsert 2.8s>>@@color:darkred;font-size:145%;KILL!<<endtimedinsert>> Prefectfd. Prefecct. <<timedinsert 3s>>@@color:darkred;font-size:145%;KILL!<<endtimedinsert>> Preddetft. <<timedinsert 3.2s>>@@color:darkred;font-size:145%;KILL!<<endtimedinsert>> Prefectftta. <<timedinsert 3.4s>>@@color:darkred;font-size:145%;KILL!<<endtimedinsert>> Pref. Prefecetttttfd. <<timedinsert 3.6s>>@@color:darkred;font-size:145%;KILL!<<endtimedinsert>> Pfrec. Perfect rectum. <<timedinsert 3.8s>>@@color:darkred;font-size:145%;KILL!<<endtimedinsert>><<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedgoto "k9" 10s>>
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Sunday the 16th@@\n\nFantastic diary!\n\nSam said "hello" to me today in the cafeteria and I felt I wanted to reply with a <<cyclinglink "hug" "elbow in the face">>.\n\nBut I kept my cool. What I have in store for Sam can wait.\nI've tried to find out as much as I can, but it's always fun with some surprise to learn when I find someone "new.\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd23]]@@
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Tuesday the 22nd@@\n\nSam has been here for a year now and we've talked a bit.\nSaid "hi" now and then.\n\nI did leave a <<cyclinglink "cookie" "mutilated rat">> on the bunk, as a gift. But it stirred up all this ruckus and Sam got nervous. So maybe it's better to tread with caution.\n\nNobody knows it was me.\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd24]]@@
@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Friday the 11th@@\n\nSo maybe I've found that something that I needed in here after all.\nAnd that something is Sam.\n\nSam, that little <<cyclinglink "cutie" "idiot">> is in the cell next to me. Brand new to this establishment and I'm gonna make the "adjustment" smooth.\n\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd21]]@@
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\n\nOK so you grown accustom to your life.\nIt's sad but true and if the world sees your actions as monstrous\nthen you'll be the monster they expect to see.\n\nOr wait. Can maybe "It" be that much needed help you seek?\n\n[[text Alex|ealex2]]\n
@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abril+Fatface);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Chela+One);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Averia+Sans+Libre:700)\n;\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Permanent+Marker);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oranienbaum);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Bad+Script);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Nothing+You+Could+Do);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lekton);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Pompiere);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Knewave);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Nosifer);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Press+Start+2P);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Kreon);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Meddon);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oswald);\n@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Architects+Daughter);\n\n@font-face{ \n font-family: 'DIGI';\n src: url(http://theurge.paperblurt.com/ds-digi-webfont.eot);\n src: url(http://theurge.paperblurt.com/ds-digi-webfont.eot) format('embedded-opentype'),\n url(http://theurge.paperblurt.com/ds-digi-webfont.woff) format('woff'),\n url(http://theurge.paperblurt.com/ds-digi-webfont.ttf) format('truetype'),\n url(http://theurge.paperblurt.com/ds-digi-webfont.svg) format('svg');\n}\n\n\n.blink{-webkit-animation: blink 0.4s linear infinite;\n-moz-inimation: blink 0.4s linear infinite;\n-ms-animation: blink 0.4s linear infinite;\n-o-animation: blink 0.4s linear infinite;\nanimation: blink 0.4s linear infinite;\n}\n@-webkit-keyframes blink{\n0% { opacity: 1; 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\n width: inherit;\n border-radius: 0px;\n font: 2.8em/1.2em Lekton, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, sans-serif;\n color: #45AAB8;\n letter-spacing: -0.00em;\n text-align:center;\n}\n\n.passage[data-tags~=prison] {\n position:absolute;\n top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0;\n width: 70%;\n height: 85%;\n margin:auto;\n width: 75px;\n height: 450px;\n background-color: #D7D29A;\n box-shadow: 5px 5px 0px #ABA555;\n border: 5px solid white;\nborder-style: none;\nborder-width: 5px;\n padding: 80px 55px; \n width: 460px;\n border-radius: 5px;\n font: 2em/1.5em architects daughter, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, sans-serif;\n color: #3B2E2A;\n letter-spacing: -0.00em;\n text-align:left;\n}\n\n.passage[data-tags~=die] {\n position:absolute;\n top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0;\n width: 50%;\n height: 50%;\n margin:auto;\n width: inherit;\n height: inherit;\n -webkit-animation: myfirst 8s; /* Chrome, Safari, Opera */\n animation: myfirst 8s;\n}\n@-webkit-keyframes myfirst {\n 20% {background: #CDC4B3;}\n 60% {background: #837E7E;}\n 70% {background: #585454;}\n 100% {background: #3A3737;}\n}\n@keyframes myfirst {\n 20% {background: #CDC4B3;}\n 60% {background: #837E7E;}\n 70% {background: #585454;}\n 100% {background: #3A3737;}\n font: 5/1em Arial, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, sans-serif;\n color: #3A3737;\n letter-spacing: -0.00em;\n text-align:center;\n}\n\n[id$=date].passage a{\n color: #DB826C;\n opacity: 1;\n}\n\n[id$=date].passage a:hover {\n color: #000;\n text-decoration: none;\n border-bottom: 0px #00F70A dotted;\n}\n[id$=date].passage a:visited {\n color: #DB826C;\n}\n\n[id$=epi2].passage a{\n color: #335717;\n opacity: 1;\n}\n\n[id$=epi2].passage a:hover {\n color: #000;\n text-decoration: none;\n border-bottom: 0px #00F70A dotted;\n}\n[id$=epi2].passage a:visited {\n color: #335717;\n}\n\n#sidebar {\n display:table;\n position:fixed;\n top: 0; 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@@font-family:knewave;font-size:140%;font-weight:normal;My prison diary...@@\n\n@@font-size:75%;Tuesday the 27th@@\n\nThe only thing that kept my mind working properly is gone.\nI got a new neighbor in the cell next to me.\n\nSomeone not worthy of my deeds.\n\nI got a weird reputation also. It's causing the other inmates to avoid me.\n\nWhat the fuck will I do now?\n\n>>>>>>>>>>>@@font-size:135%;opacity:0.6;[[>|pd27]]@@
\nAlex calls again and you realize that these calls will eventually require you to pickup.\n\nAs you look within yourself maybe this is where it's all been headed for a long time?\nA road few have traveled but those who do always reach the inevitable and harsh end.\n\nYou know it’s a matter of hours, MAYBE a day or two before Alex contacts the police again.\n\nSuddenly you feel jealous of Drew who gets more love from Alex than you.\nIn this situation Alex seems to be more accepting regarding the fact that you are a serial killer than to never knowing what happened with Drew.\n\n[[Weird|e9]]\n
@@font-family:courier new;font-size:70%;//torture method #105//:@@\n\n\n@@font-family:Arial;font-size:250%;font-weight:bold;"The Whack-a-Jaw"@@\n\n@@font-family:courier;font-size:85%;\n\nA bit experimental and hard to manage, but worth it if you seek proper torture.\n\n1) Pull out the "guest's" tongue and push a nail through it.\n2) Make sure that the "guest” can't retract the tongue as the nail holds it between the teeth.\n3) Whack the chin from below with the hammer. The tongue is bit off by the "guest's" own teeth.@@\n\n\n\n[[done|w1]]\n\n<<set $weapon += 1>>\n<<set $hammer = true>>
version.extensions.timedgotoMacro={major:1,minor:1,revision:0};macros["goto"]=macros["timedgoto"]={timer:null,handler:function(a,b,c,d){\nfunction cssTimeUnit(s){if(typeof s=="string"){if(s.slice(-2).toLowerCase()=="ms"){return Number(s.slice(0,-2))||0;\n}else{if(s.slice(-1).toLowerCase()=="s"){return Number(s.slice(0,-1))*1000||0;}}}throwError(a,s+" isn't a CSS time unit");\nreturn 0;}var t,d,m,s;t=c[c.length-1];d=d.fullArgs();m=0;if(b!="goto"){d=d.slice(0,d.lastIndexOf(t));\nm=cssTimeUnit(t);}d=eval(Wikifier.parse(d));if(d+""){if(this.timer){clearTimeout(this.timer);\n}s=state.history[0].passage.title;this.timer=setTimeout(function(){if(state.history[0].passage.title==s){state.display(d,a);\n}},m);}}};
\n@@opacity: 0.5;ACT IV:@@\n@@font-size: 60%;opacity: 0.5;"the slaying of an equitable elation"@@\n\n<<timedgoto "pd19" 5s>>
Food is good.\nWine is good.\nConversation is good.\n\nBut even this date must come to an end.\n\nAlex is too tired for bowling and you don't know how to interpret that and you get nervous, but inviting Alex over is risky as you haven't dumped the head yet.\n\n<<timedinsert 5s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"That was nice. Wasn't that nice? I had a nice time."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 7s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"Yes the food was good, it was nice."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 9s>>(nice? is that all?)<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 12s>>@@font-family:Pompiere;font-size:125%;color:#CA5F0F;"I'm sorry about me skipping bowling. But I'm starting early tomorrow. But I'll call you. Ok?"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 15s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Yeah I understand@@ (but you don't, you analyze every part of the meal, what the FUCK went wrong?) @@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;...we'll bowl some other time."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 18s>>[[so the waiting game begins|d4]]<<endtimedinsert>>\n
\n@@font-family:Lekton;<<replace "So what do you do?">> @@font-family:Pompiere;I work at a kindergarten@@<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;Oh really?@@<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;Yeah I love kids!<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;Yeah they're great, never worked with them though.@@<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;How long you've been at Walmart?<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;Too long. But I don't wanna talk about work.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;I agree, this is a happy occasion!<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;(laughs like a dork).<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;So do you have any hobbies?<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;Yeah I like to cook a bit and also whiskey and knitting.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;Interesting. What do you cook?<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;Soups are fun and forgiving.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;Yeah I hear you, have you cooked for long?<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;Quite a while. I enjoy it. It's relaxing.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;We all need to relax I guess.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;I find that it almost puts me in a trance-like state.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;OK so you're a weirdo? (laughs)<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;(smiles)<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;No but I wished I had a hobby like that.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;Well maybe we can cook together one day.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;We simply must try it!<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;(laughs).<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;Oh here comes our food... <<endreplace>>@@\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n@@font-family:Lekton;<<replace "So what do you do?">> @@font-family:Pompiere;I work at a kindergarten@@<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;Oh really?@@<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;Yeah I love kids!<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;Yeah they're great, never killed any though.@@<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;How long you've been at Walmart?<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;Too long. But I don't wanna talk about work.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;I agree, this is a happy occasion!<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;(laughs like a king).<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;So do you have any hobbies?<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;Yeah I torture and kill people.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;Interesting. How do you torture?<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;I find that knives are easy and forgiving.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;Yeah I hear you, have you killed people for long?<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;Quite a while. I enjoy it. It's relaxing.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;We all need to relax I guess.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;I find that it almost puts me in a trance-like state.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;Oh I wished I could find something like that.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;Well maybe we can kill someone together one day?<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;Oh I've never tried that. Is it fun?<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;It can be. Depending on your skills.<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;I simply must try it!<<becomes>>@@font-family:Lekton;(laughs).<<becomes>>@@font-family:Pompiere;Oh here comes our food... <<endreplace>>@@\n\n\n\n@@opacity:0;fillingillingillingillingillingillingillingillingillingillingillingillingingill@@ @@font-family:courier new;opacity:0.7;font-size:35%;text-align:right;//[[cont >|dateend]]//@@\n
"No why would...no Susan you'll just be fooling' yourself if you think like that.\nTrust me."\n\n[[Oops it's 8:45 pm|work]]
\n\nWhat you eat for lunch isn't as rigid as dinners.\nBut still there has to be some kind of structure to it.\n\nSo Alex has prepared a salad without olives as Alex doesn't like\nolives. But a relationship is about compromise so Alex has put some cucumber in the salad as you said once that you kinda liked pickles on burgers and apparently cucumber and pickles are the same(?).\n\n[[but then...|k5]]
\n@@opacity: 0.5;ACT II:@@\n@@font-size: 60%;opacity: 0.5;"thoughts that dwell within a parentheses"@@\n\n<<timedgoto "j1" 5s>>
\n@@opacity: 0.5;ACT IV:@@\n@@font-size: 60%;opacity: 0.5;"love growing parallel to an amuse-bouche"@@\n\n<<timedgoto "d1" 5s>>
\n@@opacity: 0.5;ACT V:@@\n@@font-size: 60%;opacity: 0.5;"a passing of seasons lavished with tedium"@@\n\n<<timedgoto "d5" 5s>>
@@opacity:0;|@@*crash*<<timedgoto "drive2" 5s>>
\n@@opacity: 0.5;EPILOGUE:@@\n@@font-size: 60%;opacity: 0.5;"on a bench admiring the leaves"@@\n\n<<timedgoto "epi1" 5s>>
\nA police offer comes running.\n\nIt's complete chaos.\nBut not the chaos you thrive on, but a more...unwanted chaos.\n\nYou instantly try to move your legs and feet...no problem there.\nSome blood comes from a gash in your forehead but nothing more than that.\n\nYou look outside and see one of the other drivers on the curb.\nNot looking too good.\n\n<<timedinsert 10s>>@@font-family:oswald;color:#111C40;"Are you alright?!"@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 12s>>@@font-family:Lekton;color:#335717;"Yeah I think so..."@@<<endtimedinsert>>\n\n<<timedinsert 14s>>Some rookie police officer is a bit panicky, running around without knowing what to do [[until the paramedics get there...|drive4]]<<endtimedinsert>>
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